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Many families around the world struggle to afford food after being forced to flee from their homes. But you can help.

Share your table to feed displaced families today.


What is Share Your Table?

Share Your Table is a monthly giving program that provides emergency food to families when they need it most. For a gift of just $7 per month, you can feed a family of five for a day. Will you share your table?

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How it works

Connecting you with the families you support

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Each month, you’ll have an opportunity to learn more about your global neighbours and how food and culture intertwine in communities around the world.

Join today to provide emergency food to those who need it most.

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"This cyclone brought so many losses to our family and community. Receiving the food was our first sign of promise."

Maria Inacio, Mozambique
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"We could feel the love in the things you gave us. This love fed us."

Andriy Chaus, Ukraine

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meals can be provided each month thanks to Share Your Table donors.

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